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Animal Repellent Maska Liquid Wild Animal

In stock

Maska Liquid wildlife repellent in a natural way (without chemicals and pesticides) Game Repellent Mask Liquid is an all-natural tree

Animal Repellent Marten Spray Hagopur

In stock

Strong scent is a natural way to keep martens at bay, thus stopping bite damage to car electrics. Also very effective on attics or compost heaps.

Animal Repellent Invifens P10 (200ml)

In stock

  • An effective repellent against animals
  • Based on concentrated human sweat
  • It retains its alarming effect for up to 4 months

Animal Repellent Duftzaun Fragrance Fence Concentrate Hagopur

In stock

  • It is used for the re-vaccination of existing foam depots
  • Spray Duftzaun concentrate either on or with the capillary tube into the hardened foam depots
  • Lasts for approx. 4-6 months

Animal Repellent Wild Boar Stop – Hagopur

In stock

18,90 25,90 
  • Extremely effective at protecting cultivated areas
  • It is absolutely environmentally friendly, harmless to people, animals and nature
  • Average damage reductions of approx. 80%

Animal Repellent Duftzaun Fragrance Fence Foam Hagopur

In stock

  • Reduction of accidents involving wildlife on the road
  • Apply the foam deposits along dangerous roads or road sections to pegs, road boundaries or trees
  • It will withstand the weather for up to 5 years
  • This corresponds to about 200 tennis ball-sized foam balls