Animal Attractant AtraSalt Lick Paste – Apple Flavor

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  • Nutritional supplement for game.
  • Attracts game to desired place, whether it is for watching, taking pictures or hunting.
  • More flavors available: corn, anise, truffle.

3000 g


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AtraSalt lick paste is a nutritional supplement designed to supply game with necessary minerals, especially in the winter. It can also be used to attract game to desired place, whether it is for watching, taking pictures or hunting. Aromatic compounds contained in the product help game to locate the salt paste. Thus, increasing game activity at the salt-lick site and surrounding area. More flavor available: truffle, anise, corn

AtraSalt Lick Paste – Instructions for use

Apply the lick paste into the feeder, on wooden stakes or simply spread it on a tree stump, log or a rock.


Calcium carbonate, Sodium chloride, carboxymethyl cellulose, water

Analytical constituents:

Calcium 4,7% (CaCO), Sodium 23,6% (NaCl). Moisture ≤ 30%


Keep out of reach of children. Do not store with food. Do not store with hazardous substances. Store at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight. AtraSalt lick paste is not a feed replacement, it serves as a nutritional supplement. Use AtraSalt in accordance with local legislation and regulations.

How to use AtraSalt paste:

Content: 3kg


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