Animal Repellent Duftzaun Fragrance Fence Concentrate Hagopur

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  • It is used for the re-vaccination of existing foam depots
  • Spray Duftzaun concentrate either on or with the capillary tube into the hardened foam depots
  • Lasts for approx. 4-6 months

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Hagopur developed the Duftzaun fragrance fence in conjunction with the ADAC. This product reduces and prevents accidents on roads with wildlife.

With the capillary tube, you can easily break up or into the foam and active ingredient. However, you don’t need a gun to use the  concentrate.

Duftzaun® fragrance fence has been used on roadways in Germany since 1990. It has proven to be a vital measure in reducing accidents involving deer. It has also showed positive results with wild boar. For instance, Germany equipped approximately 30,000 km of roads with fragrance fence. The wildlife accident rate saw an average reduction of 76% in various, proven individual cases.  In some instances, that number was even up to 100%.

Meanwhile, Austria, Switzerland and Spain have also applied this system with equal success on numerous roads.

Fragrance Fence Mode of action

Hagopur Duftzaun applies a base of special foam at accident hotspots. By acting on UV radiation, the fine pores contained in the foam open, which release the fragrance – a composition of odor components of wolf, lynx, bear and man.

The sensitizing mode of action of the fragrance fence is based on the interaction of scent cocktail, street noise and movement of the vehicles.


Hagopur Duftzaun concentrate is used for the re-vaccination of existing foam depots. In order to maintain the effect, you must apply the foam depots with concentrate at least twice a year.

Spray Duftzaun® concentrate either on or with the capillary tube into the hardened foam depots. Duftzaun® lasts for approx. 4-6 months. One can contains 500ml, i.e. its contents are sufficient for the complete, one-sided vaccination of a fragrance fence of about 500 m in double rows.

Use Hagopur Duftzaun Fragrance Fence concentrate safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Danger. Extremely flammable aerosol. Container is under pressure. Can burst when heated. Causes skin irritation. Causes severe eye irritation.

Content: 500ml

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