Animal Repellent Invifens P10 (200ml)

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  • An effective repellent against animals
  • Based on concentrated human sweat
  • It retains its alarming effect for up to 4 months

200 g


20 × 4 × 4 cm



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Invifens P10 Animal Repellent is extremely effective when used against unwanted animals. Because this product is based on concentrated human sweat, it is guaranteed to keep animals away from places where their presence is undesirable.

When used properly and under suitable weather conditions, it retains its alarming effect for up to 4 months. The 200 ml pack is approximate.  One can of repellent protects 6.3 hectares. Strategically placing piles every 3 m creates an approximate 1000 m guardrail.

Animal Repellent Invifens P10 reliably repels wild boar, deer, deer, fallow deer and mouflon, as well as foxes and martens.

Your crops, tree plantations and busy roads will be protected from animal destruction with this repellent.

Invifens P10 Animal Repellent Use

Shake before use! Use protective gloves and always apply the product in the direction of the wind! Only a very small amount of Invifens P10 is necessary due to its high concentration. Spray Invifens P10 directly on the ground or bushes. Or, for increased effectiveness, spray on a piece of textile and attach to a pile of wood at a height of 50-90 cm.

Content: 200ml


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