Suppressor Stalon Rear

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XE , XS , X

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Several silencers in one

The X series consists of six unique models, divided into three rear parts and two fronts. This means that all rear parts can be combined with the fronts 108 and 149, where the former is optimized for mobile hunting and the latter for extreme noise reduction.

The interchangeable front system means in essence that you can, for example, have a Stalon XS108 and then get an additional Front 149. Suddenly you have two models; XS108 and XS149. The same applies, of course, if you get an extra rear part. This creates endless possibilities if used correctly.

The modular system also means that all accessories are available to optimize the silencer according to preference. Accessories for the X series fit all models in the series, such as sights, accessory mounts, and neoprene covers.


Our latest development in the X-series is Stalon XS, an even shorter back part for a smoother silencer. The same flexible system comes for the smallest silencer in the series. The combination is XS108 and XS149. XS complements the other models incredibly well with its extremely short back part of as little as 88,5 millimeters and matches weapons with a shorter barrel. XS108 weighs fantastic 284 grams and is a perfect choice for moving hunt and dog handlers. XS149 is slightly longer and weighs a bit more but reduces noise a few decibels better than the shorter model. It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for you who like spot and stalk or want to use one silencer for several hunting forms.

Three different lengths on the back parts and two lengths on fronts, that’s what Stalon’s X-series is built of. The opportunities of adjusting the silencer for your unique hunting- and shooting forms are endless. The X-series consists of our most flexible models, and it’s so easy to use our interchangeable system that you’ll be surprised by all the possibilities.

See all available models below.


If you want to use the modular system the most, we recommend selecting a back part at first and then a front-end. It’s possible to have two – maybe even three – back parts and one front-end, or the other way around. The threads are placed in the back parts and are adjusted to the weapon and its attachment. Our back parts are available in all the most common threads on the market, e.g., M14x1 and M15x1, amongst several more. On the other hand, the caliber adaption is placed in the front and is marked with a max. Caliber, e.g. ”Max cal. .30”. Most people know caliber 30 as 7,62 mm. If the front is marked with ”Max cal. .30” it fits perfectly for calibers up to 7,62mm, such as .308 and 30-06. But, we also recommend this e.g. .270, which is 6,9 mm and therefore too big for the smaller ”Max cal. 6,5”.


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