Suppressor Stalon XE108

430,00  /pc



Barrel Thread

5/8×24 , M15x1

Caliber Group

max 7.62 mm (.308)

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Stalon XE108 Silencer

– 31 dBc (cal .308w)
370 gram
108 mm (forward)

Stalon XE108 is optimized for the larger and more powerful calibers and magnum calibers. It fits perfectly with moving hunt and performs incredibly well. The XE models put maximal focus on noise reduction and recoil reduction. The XE back part in combination with From 108 is our shortest silencer for bigger calibers/magnum calibers.


Key benefits:

  • Optimized for larger calibers/magnum calibers
  • Maximal noise- and recoil reduction
  • Fits moving hunt


Stalon XE108 is a part of the unique X-series. Stalon X is a modular and flexible series of silencers with a total of six unique models, departed in three back parts and two fronts. XE is the back part that puts all focus into noise- and recoil reduction for the larger and more powerful calibers. XE means ”X-series EXTENDED”. We translate this into a Stalon X that gives a little extra. It can be combined with Front 108 and 149. Front 108 is optimized for moving hunting, while 149 reduces noise extremely much. The combination of the XE back part and the regular fronts is a little different.

The interchangeable front system means, broadly speaking, that you can have a Stalon XS108, for example, and get an extra Front 149 to that. All sudden, you have two models; XS108 and XS149. The same thing goes for getting an extra back part as well. This creates endless opportunities if used the right way. Here, you can read more about how flexible this system is and how it works with different calibers >

The modular system also means that each accessory is available to optimize the silencer according to your preferences and tastes. The accessories for X match all models of the series, for example, open sight, accessory mount, and neoprene cover.

All silencers in the X-series have a telescopic design, which means that a part of the silencer extends backward over barrel. Only the front extends forward, which means that it’s only a matter of 108- or 149 millimeters. As a part of Stalon’s philosophy, the models of the X-series are developed to be as lightweight, short, and generally as small as possible, without compromising on important features. Advanced technology in combination with great experience and knowledge has culminated in extremely efficient silencers that fit all hunters.

All Stalon silencers reduce recoil, and this can be the most appreciated feature of a silencer.

A Stalon silencer has a long service life and lasts for about 20,000 shots if taken care of the right way. For the common hunter, this total amount is more than a lifetime. Our silencers can manage a temperature of 250 degrees. The barrel support, placed by the silencer’s back edge, has a melting point of 200 degrees. This one acts indication that the silencer needs to cool down before further shooting. The sustainability of a Stalon can barely be compared.

Telescopic over barrel with exchangeable front piece

Sound reduction / Attenuation:
-31dBc (.308)

Total length:

Length (extending forward):

Length (over barrel):
162mm (excl. barrel support)
169,5mm (incl. barrel support)



Available calibers:
Max cal. .223, Max cal. 6,5mm,
Max cal. .30, Max cal. .338,
Max cal. .375, Max cal. .45

Available threads:
1/2″-20, 1/2″-28,
5/8″-18, 5/8″-24

Max barrel diameter:

Matt black with a golden ring in the center

Material (external):
Anodized high-quality aluminium

Material (internal):
Baffles: Anodized high-quality aluminium.
Core (first baffle): Stainless steel
Thread: Titanium

Barrel support:

The product comes with a barrel support adjusted to fit most weapons based on the thread selected on the silencer.
However, the barrel support should ALWAYS be 0,5 – 0,7 mm larger than the barrel of the weapon.
Please consult a gunsmith or Stalon dealer to drill it up if the provided barrel support is not within the accepted span.

Intensive shooting and maximum temperature:

All Stalon products are tested to the limit. We recommend to NOT exceed our stated limit of 250ºC on the product.
The number of rounds fired over a period of time determines how fast the products reaches the limit of 250ºC, the more intensive shooting the fast it will reach the temperature limit.


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